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Casting and self-stressing tables

We design and build fixed and stressing tables to your exact specifications.

With a solid steel construction using 3/8" skin over rigid support structure our tables guarantee durability, strength and rigidity. The stressing options are configured according to your requirements and engineered based on advanced stress analysis modeling. All tables are perfect for the use of our magnetic and non-magnetic siderail systems.


  • Built to the length and width you need
  • Seamless, high quality casting surface
  • Self-stressing or non-self-stressing
  • Stressing strand to preset or adjustable pattern for flat panel or spandrel configuration
  • Stressing configuration per your specifications

  • Engineered and optimized using advanced stress analysis modeling
  • Offered with variety of bolt-down, magnetic or side mounted rails with preset, self-height adjustment
  • Options for vibration and heating systems
  • Offered with lift arm for stressing jack handling and storage for stressing chucks

Application Examples