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Special solution for circulation system in Thailand

Project information


Customer product:
Solid elements

Project description

RATEC has already equipped numerous plants in Thailand. This time around, a new residential developer required an intelligent special solution for his automated circulation system in order to meet the requirements of the building system.  

The customer wanted a robot-capable shuttering solution in which the inserts, such as the anchor plate magnets, could be flexibly attached to the steel frontshells of the shuttering. At the same time, the shuttering had to be compatible with the shuttering robot and suitable for machine cleaning.  

The inserts had to be magnetically attached to the steel frontshell of the shuttering, as this was the only attachment option that offered the desired flexibility. The steel frontshell also had a milled casting profile.  

There was no prior experience available for the use of magnetic strips in the steel frontshell. To maximise the retaining force and ensure the optimal formation of the magnetic field, a decision was made to use stainless steel in the steel frontshell of the shuttering. Again, there was no prior know-how to draw from in terms of processing the material for magnetic shuttering systems. 

The magnetic strip had to be integrated into the shuttering, so that it could be easily inserted after completion of the shuttering and easily removed if necessary, such as when welding work on the shuttering was necessary.  

Through intensive development work and the cooperation of the interdisciplinary team at RATEC, a practical solution could be presented, which was successfully put into operation at the customer's plant. 

The magnetic strip can be inserted into a preformed recess along the side of the steel frontshell, and, thanks to the non-conductive properties of the stainless steel, is able to unleash its full retaining force through the steel frontshell.