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Easy Form

From simple to complicated – always the right answer with Easy Form

Easy Form Explosionsansicht - Schalungssystem von RATEC

Practical and flexible – with the new "Easy Form" shuttering system, even the most difficult shuttering situations can be dealt with quickly and easily. Different ribs allow for the shuttering height to be adapted seamlessly. With the flat base, protruding reinforcements from a height of 25 mm are possible. Easy Form is designed as a modular system, which can be easily expanded, supplemented and flexibly used even with just a few components. In combination with the vast range of accessories, this system always has the right answer for any shuttering situation.


Longitudinal or transversal shuttering for all planar precast concrete elements with wall thicknesses of 45 – 400 mm and recesses.


The following special features distinguish Easy Form. If you have any questions about these and other features, please get in touch with our team.
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Suitable for manual handling



Can be manipulated with a crane



Wooden shuttering skin



Extendable in height

Suitable for protruding rebar

Suitable for lifting beam

Steel shuttering skin

Suitable for robots

Especially suitable for

  • Stationary production
  • Low level of automation
  • Manual shuttering handling
  • High number of variants of produced precast concrete elements
  • Protruding reinforcement
  • Field factories
  • Complex contours of precast concrete elements


  • Handling by crane or lifting beam


  • Excellent stability and shape retention – no bending
  • Simple and quick installation
  • Quick and easy fixing
  • Quick and easy height adjustment by replacing the ribs
  • Space saving storage
  • Special closure parts for your rebar diameter available in the accessories catalogue


  • Elements
  • SPB Standard Pro Magnetic Box 1800 / 2100
  • Clamping bracket
  • Base profile
  • Rib
  • Transport receptacle
  • Shuttering skin (provided by customer)


  • Standard length 1000 mm, 2000 mm, 3000 mm, 4000 mm
  • Special lengths on request
  • The plywood can protrude 125 mm in length
  • Standard width 120 mm (with SPB 305 / 445 mm)
  • Standard heights 98 mm, 148 mm, 198 mm, 248 mm, 298 mm
  • Max. shuttering height / element thickness 400 mm


Lateral protrusion of plywood up to 125 mm, vertically up to twice the height of the base, but not exceeding 100 mm


Easy Form in verschiedenen Höhen - Schalungssystem von RATEC

Height-adjustable (by changing the ribs)

Easy Form mit Kupplungsblech - Schalungssystem von RATEC

Extendable (Coupling sheet sold separately)

Easy Form Vertikalstütze - Schalungssystem von RATEC

Suitable for elements up to 1000 mm height due to vertical supports

Application examples


Easy Form base profile

Base profile as floor and cover plate

Easy Form Basisträger - Schalungssystem von RATEC
H (mm)L (mm)W (mm)
Easy Form base profile 1000
Art. No. 64276
Easy Form base profile 2000
Art. No. 64129
Easy Form base profile 3000
Art. No. 64128
Easy Form base profile 4000
Art. No. 64290


The following components and accessories are available for Easy Form. For special solutions, please contact us!

Hook travese for handling the shuttering


Is is held using gripping buttons on the shuttering. The rod length is realised individually according to the customer's requirements.

Crossbeam receptacleMax. load capacityUnladen weight
Hook traverse
Art. No. On request
Greifknöpfe (Knopfabstand fix)300 kgapprox. 25 kg

Window corners for plywood


Corner angle for fixing and fracture-free demoulding in recesses. If the height exceeds 300 mm, two window corners can be used on top of each other. *The plywood can protrude up to 100 mm in height. This enables shuttering of different heights with one corner

Height (mm)*Max. Plywood height (mm)
Window corners plywood
Art. No. 73804
Window corner for plywood
Art. No. 70863

Angle adapter H = 45 – 60 mm for base profile

Easy Form Aufsatzwinkel - Schalungssystem von RATEC

With screw holes for direct fixation of the wooden shuttering skin on the base profile.

Coupling sheet

Easy Form mit Kupplungsblech - Schalungssystem von RATEC

For longitudinal butt joint of two Easy Forms

H (mm)L (mm)
Coupling sheet
Art. No. 64301

Clamping bracket for fixing the base profile (longitudinal)

Easy Form Klemmbügel - Schalungssystem von RATEC

Clamping bracket for attachment to the SPB 2100 for fixing the base profile.

Clamping bracket for fixing the base profile (longitudinal)
Art. No. 65107

Transport receptacle, gripping knobs

Easy Form Transportaufnahme Greifknopf - Schalungssystem von RATEC

Gripping knobs for handling the shuttering with the RATEC lifting beam.

Transport receptacle, gripping knobs
Art. No. 68841

SPB Standard Pro Magnetic Box 2100


The basis for all applications in shuttering construction

H1 casing (mm)H2 switched (mm)H3 released (mm)L (mm)Retaining force (kg)W (mm)
SPB 2100
Art. No. 03232

Clamping bracket for fixing the base profile (transverse)

Easy Form Klemmbügel quer - Schalungssystem von RATEC

Clamping bracket for attachment to the SPB 2100 for fixing the base profile.

Clamping bracket for fixing the base profile (transverse)
Art. No. 64516

3-sided attachment combo angle


For longitudinal or frontal fixing of plywood, suitable for SPB 1800 and 2100.

H Adapter (mm)L (mm)W (mm)
3-sided attachment combo angle 98
Art. No. 46441
3-sided attachment combo angle 148
Art. No. 69531
3-sided attachment combo angle 198
Art. No. 46446
3-sided attachment combo angle 248
Art. No. 69532
3-sided attachment combo angle 298
Art. No. 40336

Easy Form ribs

Easy Form Rippen - Schalungssystem von RATEC

Ribs for individual configuration of the shuttering height.

For shuttering height H (mm)
Easy Form ribs (100-200)
Art. No. 64277
Easy Form ribs (150-250)
Art. No. 69640
Easy Form ribs (200-300)
Art. No. 64131
Easy Form ribs (250-350)
Art. No. 69641
Easy Form ribs (300-400)
Art. No. 64517

Steel sleeves for rebar

Easy Form Verschlussteil für Bewehrungsstab - Schalungssystem von RATEC
For rebar Ø (mm)
Steel sleeves for rebar 16
Art. No. 64314
Steel sleeves for rebar 20
Art. No. 64313
Steel sleeves for rebar 25
Art. No. 64310
Steel sleeves for rebar 32
Art. No. 64311

Transport receptacle lifting eye bolt

Easy Form Transportaufnahme Ringschraube - Schalungssystem von RATEC

Lifting eye bolt M16x27 for handling the shuttering with a crane.

Transport receptacle lifting eye bolt M16 x 27
Art. No. SC042085

Lifting tool SPB 2100

Lifting tool 1350/1800/2100
Art. No. 03292
SPB 1350/1800/2100