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MST Universal Plywood Beam

Lightweight magnetic shuttering for manual handling

MST Modularer Schalungsträger Explosionszeichnung - Schalungssystem von RATEC

Simple and versatile – a wide variety of shuttering tasks can be easily accomplished with the MST. Thanks to its low weight, the MST is very easy to handle without a crane. The system's excellent static properties and fl exibility make the MST a true all-rounder for manual operation.


Longitudinal or transversal shuttering for all planar precast concrete elements with wall thicknesses of 100 – 500 mm.


The following special features distinguish the MST. If you have any questions about these and other features, please get in touch with our team.
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Concretable on both sides

Suitable for manual handling

Wooden shuttering skin

Extendable in height

Steel shuttering skin

Especially suitable for

  • Stationary production
  • Low level of automation
  • Manual shuttering handling
  • High number of variants of produced precast concrete elements


  • Easy to position
  • Easy attachment and removal of the shuttering skin
  • Setup time of 10 minutes
  • Insert parts can be attached to the plywood



  • Excellent stability and shape retention – no bending
  • Stackable or couplable for double-sided use
  • Quick and easy fixing
  • Easy manual handling, no crane necessary


  • SPB Standard Pro Magnetic Box 1800 / 2100
  • Clamping bracket
  • Plywood beam
  • Shuttering skin (provided by customer)


  • Standard length 2980 mm – we will gladly trim the MST to a shorter length
  • Standard width 178 mm
  • Standard heights 98 mm, 148 mm, 198 mm
  • Max. shuttering height / element thickness 500 mm, can be realised with two MSTs with a height of 198 mm each


  • The plywood may protrude laterally up to 125 mm and in height up to 100 mm
  • A maximum of two plywood beams can be stacked
  • You may trim the plywood beam to your individual needs
  • Detailed cutting and operating instructions are available on request


MST Modularer Schalungsträger gestapelt - Schalungssystem von RATEC

Stackable for wall thicknesses of 100 – 500 mm

MST Modularer Schalungsträger gekoppelt für beidseitige Nutzung mit Holzfront - Schalungssystem von RATEC

Can be coupled for double-sided use

MST Modularer Schalungsträger mit Ausleger für Aufkantungen, schräge Ansicht - Schalungssystem von RATEC

MST extension arm for the production of upstands



MST base profile

Base profile for cladding with wood or steel.

MST Modularer Schalungsträger Basismodul mit Holzfront - Schalungssystem von RATEC
H (mm)L (mm)W (mm)
MST Base profile 98
Art. No. 63741
MST Base profile 148
Art. No. 63807
MST Base profile 198
Art. No. 63809

New: Extension arm for upstands

Extension arm for upstands

Extension arm for upstands

Smart extension for the MST: the plywood beam has been supplemented with an extension arm for the production of solid upstands of 70–200 mm. Advantage for users: - Significant reduction in shuttering compared to in-house solutions - Fast assembly - More precise result thanks to accurate setting options for 90° angles and stabilization using a C-profile - For users who are already using MST, a sensible and lean addition The extension arm consists of the following components:

MST Modularer Schalungsträger Ausleger Ansicht aus Profil - Schalungssystem von RATEC
MST Extension: Clamping bracket left with square tube
Art. No. 98803
MST Extension: Clamping bracket right with square tube
Art. No. 104733
MST Extension: Extension arm, height adjustable
Art. No. 108435
MST Extension: Adapter bracket for cladding with wood
Art. No. 109020
MST Extension: C-profile, different lengths
Art. No. optional
MST Extension: Dywidag screw connection for attachment to the C-profile
Art. No. 05987
MST Extension: PSV corner angle
Art. No. optional


The following components and accessories are available for MST. For special solutions, please contact us!

Window corners for plywood


Corner angle for fixing and fracture-free demoulding in recesses. If the height exceeds 300 mm, two window corners can be used on top of each other. *The plywood can protrude up to 100 mm in height. This enables shuttering of different heights with one corner

Height (mm)*Max. Plywood height (mm)
Window corners plywood
Art. No. 73804
Window corner for plywood
Art. No. 70863

Lifting tool SPB 2100

Lifting tool 1350/1800/2100
Art. No. 03292
SPB 1350/1800/2100

SPB Standard Pro Magnetic Box 2100


The basis for all applications in shuttering construction

H1 casing (mm)H2 switched (mm)H3 released (mm)L (mm)Retaining force (kg)W (mm)
SPB 2100
Art. No. 03232

Clamping brackets for MST base profile

MST Modularer Schalungsträger Klemmbügel für SPB - Schalungssystem von RATEC

Clamping bracket for attachment to the SPB 2100 for fixing the MST base profile.

Pair of clamping brackets for MST base profile
Art. No. 53642

Application examples