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Why magnetic formwork systems?
Advantages at a glance


Advantages of magnet-based formwork solutions in precast concrete production


Improved efficiency:

Magnet-based formwork solutions offer quick and easy handling when placing and demoulding, resulting in faster production cycles. The magnets hold the formwork securely in place and eliminate the need for more time-consuming adhesive or welded connections. This saves valuable time and increases overall productivity.

Increased flexibility:

Magnet-based formwork systems from RATEC are extremely versatile and - depending on the system used - can be adapted to different geometries and sizes of precast concrete elements. The flexibility and expandability of our formwork systems is considered from the very beginning in the development of new solutions. The magnetic formwork components can be easily repositioned or reconfigured with the help of a wide range of accessories, which increases flexibility in production.

Precise alignment:

The magnetic force ensures precise alignment and tight joints between the formwork elements and the formwork table. The strong magnetic force holds the formwork securely in place and reduces the risk of accidental displacement. This accuracy contributes to consistent and uniform results, minimising deviations and potential errors in the finished precast concrete products.

Cost savings:

Magnetic formwork solutions can lead to cost savings in several ways. The faster production cycles and improved efficiency reduce labour costs. The reusability and long service life of RATEC formwork components eliminate the need for frequent replacement, which reduces material costs. In addition, magnet-based formwork solutions contribute to a material-saving way of working: by fixing the formwork using magnetic technology, welding or adhesive joints are unnecessary. This protects the production means and ensures a long durability and perfect surface quality of the pallets.