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RATEC Battery System

For highest concrete surface quality and even very complex element geometries

The pocket battery moulds from RATEC incorporate all the creativity and engineering know-how of more than 40 years of experience in the development and rationalisation of precast concrete plants. Together with the proven upcrete® technology, our pocket battery moulds prove their high quality and cost-effectiveness day in and day out on three continents. The end product is characterised by smooth surface concrete on all sides as well as by the smallest geometric tolerances. The shutterings also impress with their ease-of-use and sturdiness.


Cost-effective production of complex, formwork-smooth and extremely high-quality precast concrete elements


  • Space-saving and efficient
  • Stable pressure resistant design ÔÇô each pocket can be completely filled separately
  • Can be filled from above with a concrete spreader or by means of the UPP 100 (upcrete┬« process) from below or from the side
  • Walls can be clamped hydraulically or mechanically
  • Available as single or twin battery, expandable to 2 x 10 pockets on request