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Noise barriers with high-quality surfaces

Project information


Customer product:
Noise barriers, blast walls

Project description

A producer who specialises in noise barriers and safety walls was looking for a solution to both produce his standard walls in high quality and to expand his current production scope.

Project scope
A total of three battery moulds were installed:

  • Type A: 1 x 10 pockets, size 6 x 1.8 m
  • Type A: 1 x 5 pockets, size 6 x 2.4 m
  • Type B: 1 x 10 pockets, size 6 x 3.6 m

Noise barriers with a clearly defined contour and fixed size are manufactured in type A moulds. Accordingly, the walls of the battery moulds were permanently formed according to the desired wall contour and thus allow identical elements to be manufactured quickly and with consistent high quality. The two installed batteries cover different standard lengths.


The type B mould is not preformed and can be used flexibly for a wide variety of elements in different sizes. Among other things, it is used for the production of noise barriers with matrices on both sides. These are realised using so-called formliner panels, which are suspended in the mould and which are available in numerous different surface structures.


All battery moulds are designed as twin systems and can therefore be expanded with additional pockets in order to increase the future production capacity.


An upcrete® pump station UPP 100 is used for filling. The production capacity of the plant is 300 m² or 150 running wall meters per day in single-shift operation.