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upcrete® technology for Italy's pavilion at the Expo in Milan

Project information


Customer product:
Fa├žade elements

Project description

Top facts:

  • 9,000 m┬▓ large fa├žade
  • 2,200 t cement
  • Made from 80% recycled material
  • Battery mould with 6 pockets of 6 x 4 m each
  • UPP 100 pump station
  • UCI filling connections


For the World Expo 2015 in Milan, the Nemesi & Partners architecture firm from Rome designed the Italian pavilion Palazzo Italia with a fa├žade that is both easy on the eye and utilitarian at the same time. The exterior of the building, which looks like a petrified forest, featured a special cement that cleans the city's smog-polluted air. Large parts of the fa├žade elements for the Italian Expo Pavilion were manufactured vertically by the Italian precast manufacturer Styl-Comp in a battery mould using the upcrete┬« process. In particular when it comes to the delicate ÔÇťbranchesÔÇŁ in the fa├žade, the pressure filling method for the mould was practically the only feasible way to get the job done.


The company decided to use a high-performance special mortar from Italcementi, which is photocatalytically white, cement-based, self-levelling and has particularly high flexural strength.