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Production optimisation for frame profile elements in Ireland

Project information


Customer product:
Box culverts, manholes, frame profiles

Project description

A customer in Ireland used the upcrete┬« pump technology for the production of manhole elements. The elements (ÔÇťbox culvertsÔÇŁ) are used as road bridges or to border watercourses under roads and railway lines. Using a modern and automated production line, the customer, one of the largest manufacturers in the country, produces more than 60 meters of shaft structure per day. The reason why the company enquired about the upcrete┬« solution was due to the problem of air voids being trapped on the inside of the elements. This meant that the reinforcement was vulnerable and that the load-bearing capacity of the element was under threat over the long term. Previously, the elements were reworked at considerable costs. The company now wanted to find a more economical solution in order to increase the surface quality in production. Moreover, filling the shuttering with buckets took up too much crane capacity, which meant that an alternative was also needed here and filling from below using a pump was desirable. The UPP is tailored for use in precast concrete plants and can be easily integrated into existing processes, depending on the production concept. The pump station can also be designed as a mobile solution. In this specific type of application, the customer provided a trolley for the pump.