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Precast supports for the new Sky Rail in Melbourne

Project information


Customer product:
Concrete supports for elevated railway line

Project description

A sky rail was built in Melbourne, south-west of Australia, in order to alleviate traffic. The upcrete® pump technology was used in the production of the supports for this special elevated railway line. 

In February 2017, the first of the approximately 350 supports were installed, and by the end of 2018 the construction was completed. While the project was controversial locally, the technical implementation of the support elements was also challenging for the precast production.  

To produce the elements with different heights, the customer used shutterings that can be adjusted to the different heights using a movable floor. This, however, prevents filling through the side shuttering. There were also complex recesses on the top of the element, which further prevented filling from above. 

RATEC had previously carried out test series for concreting through the floor shuttering and further developed its concrete filling connection accordingly. The company was thus able to offer a practical solution for the pump connection to the customer. The filling connection is installed in the bottom of the shuttering. For the realisation of the element heights, the spaces between the concrete filling connection and the raised floor shuttering were implemented using PVC pipes. 

The concrete supply using the UPP100 ensures even filling and optimal spreading of the concrete within the shuttering. In this case, self-compacting concrete was used, but this is not necessarily required for use of the pump. Flowable and pumpable concrete and pressure-resistant shuttering are sufficient. For the subsequent realisation of the horizontal elements, the upcrete® technology is currently also being considered. 


Delivery scope:  

  • 1x UPP 100 pump station 

  • UCI 100 filling connection 

  • PVC pipes for bridging shuttering and floor elements 



  • Complex recesses at the top of the elements 

  • Fabrication of different heights in the same shuttering, which meant that a solution for filling through the bottom and the bridging of different heights was necessary.