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Battery moulds for rainwater retention

Project information

Los Angeles

Customer product:
Ceiling panels for frame openings

Project description

For a stormwater retention project in Los Angeles, Ratec America delivered a battery mould for the production of special elements to Jensen Precast. Jensen Precast is one of the largest independent concrete manufacturers in the United States, specialising in precast concrete elements for small to large-scale infrastructure needs.  

The mould is designed for the production of ceiling panels for box culverts and includes three pockets that are filled from above. The net mould area is 10 x 2.4 metres, as twin pocket max. 4.9 x 2.4 metres. Up to six elements can be produced per cycle, with wall thicknesses of 20, 25 or 30 centimetres. 

The battery mould is designed for filling with self-compacting concrete (SCC) from above, but can also be connected to an external vibrator using mounting plates if required. What is typical for all battery systems produced by Ratec is the pressure-stable design, which enables filling only a single pocket at a time without the partition walls bending due to the concrete pressure. 

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