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Battery system for sandwich elements installed in the Philippines

A new battery mould with 10 pockets for the production of sandwich elements was installed at our customer in the Philippines in 2023.


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The customer uses it to produce 2.72 metre long and approx. 60 cm high internal partition walls for use in skeleton construction.

The walls are sandwich elements with insulation, that is topped up with 3 cm of lightweight concrete on both sides. This makes the elements light enough to be carried by two people without the need for any tools.

The walls have either a tongue and groove or, in the case of the edge elements, a groove and smooth finish for assembly on site. This profiling is created in the mould by the base formwork, which can be rotated by 180┬░ as required, and by the cover, which closes the battery pocket from above after concreting.

Concrete filling is carried out conventionally from the top.

This customised solution demonstrates the wide range of possible applications for RATEC battery systems. In this case, a battery mould was required for very small and light elements, but battery systems for elements up to 9 metres length and 4 metres height are also possible

You can find out more about RATEC battery systems and project examples here on our website.