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Special mould for mega project Forest City – maximum flexibility for reinforcement penetration

Project information


Customer product:
Solid walls/ceilings with connection reinforcement and complex details

Project description

Located just a few kilometres as the crow flies from Singapore, a highly ambitious development project is underway in Johor in southern Malaysia: Forest City. This is the largest urban development project in Asia, which is slated to offer a new home to about 700,000 people in an extensively green and sustainable smart city. Several prefabricated parts plants with RATEC magnetic shuttering technology, among other things, have started working on the construction of the green, architecturally sophisticated residential buildings.

In addition to robot-capable standard shutterings for the production of wall and ceiling elements, RATEC engineers have also developed a new shuttering solution in order to meet the specific customer requirements for some complex element details.

With the Easy Form shuttering system, even though shuttering challenges can be solved easily and quickly. The system consists of a base profile with a height of only 25 mm, which is erected vertically using ribs and is then panelled with wood. Different rib heights allow the shuttering height to be adapted seamlessly. With the flat base, protruding reinforcements from a height of 25 mm are possible.

Easy Form is designed as a modular system, which can be easily expanded, supplemented and flexibly used even with just a few components. Thanks to the vast range of accessories, this system can accommodate any shuttering situation. Even complex geometries with upstands and reinforcement overhangs can be implemented easily.

For supports and recesses with connection reinforcement in the element, the UAR universal adapter is used additionally. Once assembled, Easy Form is easy to move by crane or a lifting beam thanks to the flexible screw connection option for robot and crane mounts on the base profile. Closure parts are available, which are optimised for the reinforcement steel used to seal the rebar.