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SAS standard automatic shuttering with integrated loop solution

Project information


Customer product:
Solid walls/ceilings

Project description

RATEC designed and delivered the shuttering solution for a customer in Chile and the country's first automated circulation system that the customer built.  


What was challenging in terms of the shuttering concept was the coordination with the automation, as well as making a suitable proposal for the sometimes complex details of the construction system developed by the customer.  


The idea was to use rope loops to connect the elements. However, the customer wanted an alternative to conventional rope loop boxes for economic reasons. 


RATEC developed shutterings suitable for robots with integrated cable loops, which are held in the shutterings by means of a PE insert.  

For stripping, the PE bracket can be pulled out of the shuttering, removed from the loop and reused for the next concreting process. It was important to reduce the costs for complete rope loop boxes.  

For the realisation of corner butt joints, a magnetic grouting groove for fixing on the pallet and a magnetic box for placement on top with an integrated loop were also developed.  

What was decisive was that the connection solution could be structurally approved, which was the case here. The cost savings for the cable loop connections enabled the refinancing of the shuttering almost entirely.