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New, practical and economical solution – Easy Form mould kit

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Customer product:
Animal stables

Project description

The Easy Form shuttering system was initially developed as a customer-specific solution, specifically for a Singapore-based construction company. The goal was to build 20 blocks of two-storey buildings, which required a flexible and simple solution in order to implement the project with precast concrete elements that can be produced right on the construction site.

Prior to this, the customer never produced precast concrete elements himself, but purchased them from precast plants. But at the time, the company was interested in getting into prefabrication themselves in order to be more flexible in future.

With the know-how of the team from Europe and Singapore, RATEC was able to propose a suitable production solution that was space-saving, economical and relatively mobile. The steel pallets used to manufacture the elements were organised locally and installed on site. For the individual elements (girders, supports, ceilings) we presented a shuttering solution that combines two new systems (the UAR adapter and the new Easy Form system) and which optimally covers the requirements.

What proved challenging where the sometimes complex details of the connection reinforcement and the geometry with offsets inside the elements – a very common problem in Asia. In most cases, there simply aren't any economical solutions other than cast-in-place shuttering or expensive traditional 3D shutterings. RATEC developed the UAR universal adapter for this unique problem, which had already been used in other projects in Asia. All other shuttering tasks are handled by Easy Form, which is also a new development that can be used flexibly in length and height as a modular system and can be expanded as required.

While the global demand for more automated circulation system solutions is increasing, this project shows that getting into prefabrication production very economically and pragmatically is possible with the right shuttering solution, without the high investment costs of a complete production system and with maximum flexibility.