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Hermo Prefabricados de Hormig├│n S.L. counts on the light-weight MST

New product reference: our MST system has been recently implemented by a customer in Spain. The Modular Plywood Beam is used as longitudinal and transversal shuttering solution to produce solid walls.


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Our customer Hermo Prefabricados de Hormig├│n S.L.  specialises in high-quality elements for residential construction, both single and multi-family. To meet the wide range of element dimensions and requirements, a flexible and easy to handle formwork solution was required. Previously, the plywood was glued to the pallet with supporting ribs, which involved a lot of manual labour and high material consumption. A faster and more resource-efficient solution is now offered by the MST, which at the same time contributes to an increase in productivity and requires less manpower. In times of skills shortages, this is an important factor.

Find out more about the MST formwork system here on our website.