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Vertical production of facade elements in Indonesia

Project information


Customer product:
Facade elements

Project description

Dusaspun, which was founded in 1982, is one of the leading manufacturers of precast concrete elements for infrastructure and building construction projects on the Indonesian market. In 2013, Dusaspun was commissioned to produce the facade elements for a hotel construction project in Solo in central Java. The hotel building was erected as a skeleton structure with concrete supports and a suspended façade made from precast concrete elements.  

This project required a suitable and user-friendly production solution that was as vertical as possible. The solution was ultimately found in the upcrete® technology, and operations went underway in the summer of 2014. 


The decisive factors in favour of upcrete® were:  

  • Element size and geometry that cannot be realised as quickly and with the same quality with other processes.  

  • Little space required for mould and accessories 

  • Short production times 

  • High element quality or high exposed concrete quality of the façade 


Delivery scope:  

  • Battery mould with 4 pockets of 9 x 3.9 m each 

  • UPP 100 pump station