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Special solutions for elements with connection reinforcement

Project information


Customer product:
Solid walls/ceilings

Project description

We developed a robot-capable solution for a customer in Austria for the production of elements with connection reinforcement and slabs.  

The goal was to reduce manual labour and the use of plywood in future. The solution we came up with included standardised magnetic stops and a special slab box with slots for the connection reinforcement. The shuttering is profiled with round shear keys, which further reduces the shuttering costs.  

Gripping knobs can be used to handle the magnetic demoulders with a lifting beam or shuttering robots. The slab boxes are transported with an electromagnet.  

Sealing takes place through rubber profiles in the shuttering. It was important for the special demoulders to use the same interface for shuttering transport and shuttering cleaning, just like all other automated shutterings. A suitable demoulding aid for the special shuttering was also developed.