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Production of concrete pipes with highly complex geometries

Project information


Customer product:
Concrete Pipes

Project description

A customer produced the concrete pipes with supports using the upcrete┬« process for the construction of an overland sewage pipeline for Tel-Aviv. 

The customerÔÇÖs shuttering was filled with the UPP 100 within 90 minutes via the UCI 100 concrete filling connector. The finished concrete pipe weighs over 54 tons and is 8 metres long. Every conceivable type of production was considered but eventually dismissed for reasons of feasibility, economic viability and the necessary quality. Only the upcrete┬« process and the specially developed pumping station were capable of yielding the desired results. 

The manufacturer also uses the upcrete┬« pump technology at another plant to manufacture jacking pipes as well as for the filling of architecturally complex L-walls.