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Exploring New Possibilities with Design Thinking

In March 2023, we embarked on a journey of discovery with a small group of colleagues from various departments. For two days, we immersed ourselves in the world of design thinking and put this method into practice by tackling our own design challenge. It was an intense and exciting experience that challenged us to think outside the box.


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Design thinking is a method that has become increasingly established in product and solution development in recent years. It is particularly suitable for complex issues and aims to find innovative and user-centric solutions. The focus is on the user's perspective in order to understand needs and requirements and to develop new ideas based on this.

In between, there were always creative exercises that challenged us to think in completely different directions. As an example: What do you think, how many different variations of a duck can be created with 6 Lego bricks?

However, design thinking goes far beyond mere creativity techniques. It requires a high degree of empathy and teamwork. The goal is to prototype and test ideas quickly – and according to the principle to "fail early", the earlier the better, to adjust directions quickly and come up with better solutions.

We are looking forward to integrating the method into our work and development process and are excited about the results that we will achieve with it.  

We are taking a lot of suggestions and ideas from the workshop with us to make our teamwork even more creative in the future. Because one thing is certain: "Meet the better ideas!" is not just a slogan, it is our DNA!