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Shuttering Magnets

RATEC shuttering magnets offer an ideal range of applications perfectly suitable for all kinds of formwork construction, both for wood and steel shutterings. All RATEC precision magnets have extraordinarily high adhesive power in comparison to their weight. The proven RATEC Automatic System to activate and deactivate the magnet allows unlimited options at the push of a button. With the accordingly developed adaptor technology RATEC magnets present unlimited options for use, which meet your requirements at all times.

SPB Standard PRO Magnetic Box

Unlimited options at the push of a button. The STANDARD-PRO-BOX (SPB) is a solid welded U-profile...

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Standard Magnet

Using different adhesive forces this magnet offers an ideal range of applications for stabilising any kind of formwork.

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The shuttering magnets with the retaining force.

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This magnetic bar is especially suitable for the installation in U-shaped transversal and longitudinal shutterings.

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The only source for precast formwork technology, that you need.

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