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upcrete® Room Modules

upcrete® Room Modules: In-situ production of complex elements

Visionary concepts come true with upcrete® modular moulds – even complex concrete structures can be produced with smooth surfaces on all sides

The room module mould with “flying” shrinking core was the first room cell mould developed in Hockenheim and was used for a modular housing project for a Peruvian customer. This mould variant is based on the upcrete® technology, in which self-compacting concrete is pumped from below into a closed mould. This process allows the concrete to optimally distribute within the mould and yields smooth surfaces on all sides, as well as precise edges and recesses. Another advantage is that the structure can be produced in its final installation position, which means that subsequent turning is no longer required.


Production of room modules in installation position using upcerte® technology (i.e. pumping of concrete from the bottom into a closed mould)

Detailed properties

  • Maximum dimensional accuracy on the component
  • Complete filling of the most difficult geometries
  • Production of complex concrete bodies in installation position
  • All-around smooth surfaces
  • Minimal concrete residue
  • Quiet, material-friendly, efficient and employee-friendly concrete elements production
  • High utilisation of the mould

Reference projects


Additional Information

Project report on Modular Housing with upücrete® - read the detailed

article in CPI (Concrete Plant International).

For additional information please also take a look into our leaflet "3D Mould Solutions 2019" in the download section.

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