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Substation Moulds

Substation Moulds - Versatility is key

Many different shapes are possible with just one mould – notwithstanding easy handling and short changeover times.

The easiest way to produce a 3D room element is to use a fi xed inner core with a slope. However, this approach is only suitable to elements in which the formation of a wall slope in the element is possible within the scope of the standards and static requirements. Such is the case for the design of garages
or the production of transformer stations. For the production of substation elements in particular, we developed a solution that covers common types of stations, is flexible to use, and which can speed up the process in the plant.


Production of room modules with draught angles, e.g. substations

Detailed properties

  • The mould is designed for two different lengths, i.e. the core and outer panels can be converted to another length
  • Swappable, customised attachments for the production of interior walls, recesses etc.
  • Changing attachments for other station types generally takes less than 20 minutes
  • The floor is hydraulically lifted by 10 cm to facilitate stripping
  • Integrated vibrator unit used with normal or washed concrete

Reference Projects


Additional information

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