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Below you find a selection of published articles and project reports from different media.

German formwork specialist on course for growth in its anniversary year

1994 saw the launch of "better ideas" made in Hockenheim. Now, 25 years later, the company employs almost 80 people, has a production site of 4,000 m² in Germany and another in the USA, as well as branches in the USA, Singapore and Spain. Ratec has established numerous standards in formwork technology with its solutions, starting with switchable magnets for fixing formwork, followed by complete formwork systems with integrated switchable magnets to robot-compatible complete systems with which the company has equipped numerous plants to date.


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New perspectives and solutions for the production of 3D volumetric precast concrete elements

Initiated by customer requirements and in close collaboration with Reymann Technik's planning department, Ratec's first developments and trials with volumetric formwork for room modules began in the beginning of the century.

In the meantime, the company has responded to current market requirements and significantly expanded its product range in the area of 3D formwork.

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CPI - ConcretePlant International 05/2018

Tailored production technology and specific shuttering solutions for South America

The construction industry in South America differs greatly from country to country. However, the need for living space – and above all affordable living space – is present everywhere and is growing.

Innovative, practice-proven production technology for the precast sector is therefore growing in importance. Several current projects demonstrate the unique features and special solutions for the Latin American construction sector.

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Pumping technology for precast element production

With the further development of formwork solutions for precast concrete element production, especially for volumetric elements (e.g. room modules), intelligence solutions for filling these formworks are required to enable high surface quality and efficient production. In addition to its formwork solutions, Ratec has developed a practical pumping technology for filling closed formworks that is specifically tailored to the requirements of the precast plant.

Two project examples from the recent past illustrate different Ratec pumping technology application possibilities in precast concrete element production.

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Intelligent magnetic shuttering solutions for precast concrete elements with connecting reinforcement and complex geometries

Connection technology represents a particular challenge to planners and manufacturers in precast concrete construction.
Numerous modern connection solutions are available for this. The choice of connection solution influences the requirements
for the shuttering. It is primarily the connecting reinforcement that has far-reaching consequences for the formwork technology employed. As a specialist and innovator in magnetic shuttering technology, Ratec has developed various shuttering solutions for the problem of connecting reinforcement, which can be used in manual or automated handling or as a hybrid solution.

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BFT International 12/2017

Pumping technology for infrastructure projects worldwide

Upcrete technology allows for a smooth-running production of complex and volumetric precast concrete elements as well as
precast elements with structured surfaces of high quality. The technology facilitates the manufacturing process and reduces
crane capacities. Three examples from Australia, China and Ireland give an outline of different fields of applications.

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CPI - Concrete Plant International 10/2017

State-of-the-art production and formwork technology for the Asian future markets

In Asia's emerging economic regions, construction is booming, both in the infrastructure sector and in housing construction. This is proven by two recently completed projects by the company Ratec from Hockenheim.

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CPI - Concrete Plant International 02/2017

High surface quality on all sides thanks to vertical production technology in North America

In 2016, the first upcrete® production plant was installed in North America. More details can be found in the article published by CPI in April 2017.

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BFT International 09/2016

New developments in magnetic formwork technology

At bauma 2016, Ratec presented their latest solutions in the field of magnet shuttering, which were developed with the  objective of further improving plant use.

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CPI - Concrete Plant International 01/2016

Special manufacturing techniques for Italy's national pavilion at the Expo in Milan

The Rome-based architect's office Nemesi & Partners designed the Italian Pavillon Palazzo Italia for the Expo 2015 world exhibition in Milan with a façade that is equally good-looking and pragmatic. The majority of the facade elements were produced in specially manufactured battery moulds using the upcrete technology from Ratec.

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CPI - Concrete Plant International 05/2015

Future-oriented recess solutions for intelligent
precast concrete element production

With increasing requirements for speed and simultaneous flexibility in the product spectrum in producing precast concrete elements, even formwork solutions must be continuously reconsidered and developed. It is necessary to offer precast concrete elements producers practicable and intelligent recess solutions, especially for elements with window and/or door openings. Here, automation plays a central role. A new recess solution suitable for use with robots is taking the next step into the future.

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BFT International 06/2015

Intelligent adapters for efficient handling
in precast plants

The introduction of modern magnetic formwork technology in modern precast concrete plants was followed by numerous adapter solutions for connecting and securely fixing in place magnet and shuttering skin. RATEC has decisively contributed to the development of industry standards. Now, one of its "classics" was further developed to comply with increasing demands in precast plants. 

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CPI - Concrete Plant International 12/2014

Vertical manufacturing of 6-sided formwork-smooth solid elements up to 3.90 m high and 9.00 m wide

Indonesia is presently experiencing a building boom. Apart from residential building and infrastructure projects, up to 800 new hotels with a total of 100,000 rooms are to be opened in the next ten years. In order to meet the needs in such a short time, market-driven solutions are required for the country’s building industry. One of the leading Indonesian precast concrete element manufacturers uses the upcrete technology
from the Hockenheim-based company Ratec.

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CPI - Concrete Plant International 06/2014

From Vision to Reality: Modular Housing System for the Creation of Earthquake-Proof Living Space

Customer enquiries from countries with rapidly growing populations and an enormous need for high-quality, affordable living space have prompted Ratec and Reymann Technik from Hockenheim to develop an independent modular housing concept based on their upcrete® technology. The idea then became an impressive housing construction project in Peru that sets standards for similar projects in the future.

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