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Press release: Precast columns for the new Sky Rail in Melbourne, Australia

With its upcrete technology, RATEC offers the right solution for an ambitious major project

In Melbourne, capital of the Australian state of Victoria in the southwest corner of the continent, a new Sky Rail is currently being built to provide significant relief for the traffic situation in the city.

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Press release: RATEC Annual Report 2017

Position in key proven markets maintained or expanded

Opportunities in new markets successfully utilized

RATEC can look back at a successful year in 2017 – a year in which the company significantly expanded its position in international business.

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Press release: Engineering Days in Vienna: RATEC participates as exhibitor and plenary speaker

Engineering Days, which takes place on November 29 and 29, 2017 in Vienna, views itself as a platform between operators of precast concrete plants and the leading suppliers in the industry. Under the slogan Build on Strengths. Design the Future, the latest trends and technologies are presented and discussed in the form of technical presentations and field reports and are subsequently analyzed in greater detail in workshops.

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Press release: RATEC in double pack

Strong presence at trade fairs and congresses in Dubai.

With a view to dynamic market development in the Middle East, RATEC is present at two events in Dubai at the end of November 2017: as exhibitor at the ICCX Middle East and as a presenter at the Precast Summit as part of the Big 5 trade fair.


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Press release:Buildtech Asia 2017: First home game for RATEC Asia

Boost from successful customer project


RATEC Asia was founded at the beginning of 2017. The joint venture with a local planning and construction company is headquartered in Singapore.


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Press release: Concrete masts for high-performance wind turbines in China

RATEC impresses with its Upcrete technology


As part of a current wind energy project, RATEC technology was installed at two locations for the production of precast concrete elements used in the construction of 120-meter high towers for two megawatt wind turbines.

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Press release: RATEC shows what it can do at the Edifica/Expo Hormigon in Chile

Industrialized construction in Latin America gaining momentum


The Edifica trade fair is being held from October 4 - 7, 2017 in Santiago de Chile.

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Press release: Specialty magnetic formwork for Forest City in Malaysia

Success in megaproject with German engineering. Just a few kilometers from Singapore, in Johor in southern Malaysia, the starting signal for an extremely ambitious development project has sounded: Forest City. The venture is Asia’s largest urban development project

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Press release

RATEC and RATEC Asia participating at ICCX Asia

The company’s position in the Asian market to be systematically expanded


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Press release

RATEC Asia: First customer project successfully completed.

Economical solutions for a first step into precast


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RATEC: active in over 75 countries – office in Singapore to follow

Leader in magnetic formwork technology returns consistently healthy domestic and foreign results for 2016

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New developments in magnetic formwork technology

Ratec, founded in 1994, has established magnet shuttering in precast concrete production and has been a key driver of this technology for over 20 years.

At bauma 2016, Ratec presented their latest solutions in the field of magnet shuttering, which were developed with the objective of further improving plant use.

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Special shuttering system for funicular railroad

The  project  „Gleis  Typing“/Stärkste  Standseilbahn der  Welt  (world‘s  strongest funicular  railroad)  is  regarded as exemplary for  a customized solution. The project is realized with protruding reinforcement. The customer being in charge  with  the  realization of the project faced Ratec with the  following  question:  How can  the  elements  required  for the construction of the funicular railroad be manufactured on tilting tables?


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PSV² - Decisive further development of flexible shuttering system

Das PSV² ist in seiner Vielseitigkeit erweitert worden. Es kann jetzt vom Bauteil zurückgezogen werden. Dadurch müssen die Magnete zum Entschalen nicht mehr vom Kipptisch (Palette) entfernt werden. Bei Serienelementen kommt das neue PSV² Schalungssystem deshalb voll zum Tragen.

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Production of concrete pipes with highly complex geometries using concrete pumps

The Ratec company, which is well known as an innovative manufacturer of shuttering and which is one of the leading companies in the field of magnetic technology in precast plants, presented a new component of the Upcrete system at the Bauma 2010: the UPP 100 concrete pump. This concrete pump is now used very successfully in the production of the most diverse precast elements in various plants.

Published in CPI, 05/2011

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New innovative workstation system as another module for upcrete production lines

Until now Ratec, with production sites at Hockenheim and Clearwater (Florida), has mainly been known for its leading position in the development of magnetic formwork technology. Ratec manufactures complete products from magnetic cores to complex moulds, simplest built-in magnets, three-edge magnetic strips, magnetic box systems, and special formwork systems. All systems are manufactured to order in-house and marketed all over the world. Ratec has...

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Upcrete® and SCC – a new technology for precast units with stringent requirements

Self compacting concrete (SCC) is currently emerging from obscurity to become a very popular construction material. Until now,its use hasbeen restricted to special tasks for which conventional concretes are not suitable. However, the financial benefits of SCC for sandard products were recognized at an early stage in the Benelux countries, and implemented in precast parts factories. Since then, SCC is growing inpopularity at more and more...

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Magnet-based shuttering system to fix connecting reinforcement

Ratec manufactures a wide variety of magnets and magnet-based shuttering systems. The supplier has now developed a novel magnet-based system for the production of solid walls or fl oor slabs with connecting loops and rails. This system called “Ratec Standard Automatik Modular Flex”, or SAS-MF, includes the simple attachment of steel or plywood modules thus providing maximum flexibility in shuttering assembly. A distinct feature of the SAS-MF...

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