SPB Standard Pro Magnetic Box
Unlimited possibilities at the touch of a button

With the SPB Standard Pro Magnetic Box, we have set the standard for switchable shuttering magnets in the precast concrete plant. The SPB is the original and offers absolute reliability and durability with its integrated Pro-Magnet, even in diffi cult conditions. The magnetic retaining core is tested regularly in our own magnet production to meet the specifi ed retaining force. The SPB is ready to accommodate adapters and various shuttering skin carriers, which offer countless usage possibilities and thus maximum fl exibility for the future.

Fields of application

The Verbus rib screw connection offers countless possibilities for attaching shuttering skin carriers of all types and for integrating systems such as, e.g. Doka, Peri, H-beam carriers or RATEC shuttering systems.


  • Integrated Pro-Magnet – "Made in Germany"
  • RATEC original automatic magnet system for optimum hold even under heavy loads
  • Maximum retaining force with minimal weight
  • Stable, canted housing construction
  • Completely closed design
  • Demonstrably longer service life of the integrated magnet components

The Magnet in the box

Pro-Magnet – the basis of all our ideas

Our standard magnets of the Pro-Magnet series are used in

all RATEC magnet components and shuttering systems. Our in-house magnet production allows us to tailor the magnets to the exacting requirements of our customers and thus realise numerous special solutions. In addition to the tried and-tested standard variants with a retaining force of 450, 900, 1350, 1800 or 2100 kg, we can also implement other designs and magnet strengths as required, or adapt the installation components structurally without losing retaining force.

High performance neodymium magnets are used for the

Pro-Magnet series, which are installed in-house in a patented

process, resulting in our standard installation magnets. Stainless

steel bandages and various coating steps and processes

make the magnetic core extremely corrosion resistant. Our

extensive know-how in the fi eld of magnet design and application

enables us to perfectly meet every customer-specifi c


Application examples


SPB Standard Pro Magnetic Box

The SPB is the basis for all applications in shuttering construction. The SPB consists of a heavily canted U-profi le with an integrated automatic magnet system with a retaining force of 450 – 2100 kg and screw connections for accommodating adapters.

SPB 2100SPB 1800SPB 1350SPB 450SPB 900
Art. No.0323207949042000547703255
H1 casing (mm)6060-4040
H1 casing(mm)--60--
H2 switched (mm)8484846969
H3 released (mm)9494947979
L (mm)320320360170280
Retaining force (kg)210018001350450900
W (mm)120120906060


Angle adapter H=95 mm

Longitudinal side for fixing of plywood.

Angle adapter H=95 mm (SPB 450)Angle adapter H=95 (SPB 900)
Art. No.0751404299
ForSPB 450SPB 900
H1 base height (mm)9595
H2 shuttering skin (mm)95-20095-200
L (mm)250278
W (mm)120120

Angle adapter H = 140 mm

For shuttering skin from 140 mm to 240 mm in height.

Angle adapter H=140 mm
Art. No.06278
ForSPB 900
H1 base height (mm)140
H2 shuttering skin (mm)140-240
L (mm)278
W (mm)120

Angle adapter for welding

For welding of a steel front.

Angle adapter for welding
Art. No.08999
ForSPB 900
H Adapter (mm)40
L (mm)278
W (mm)80

2-sided attachment combo angle

For longitudinal or frontal fixing of plywood, suitable for SPB 1800 and 2100.

2-sided attachment combo angle 1982-sided attachment combo angle 2982-sided attachment combo angle 982-sided attachment combo angle 1482-sided attachment combo angle 248
Art. No.2045740409216685419369046
For plywood (mm)200-300300-400100-200150-250250-350
H Adapter (mm)19829898148248
L (mm)336336336336336
W (mm)126126126126126

3-sided attachment combo angle

For longitudinal or frontal fixing of plywood, suitable for SPB 1800 and 2100.

3-sided attachment combo angle 983-sided attachment combo angle 1983-sided attachment combo angle 1483-sided attachment combo angle 2983-sided attachment combo angle 248
Art. No.4644146446695314033669532
H Adapter (mm)98198148298248
L (mm)342342342342342
W (mm)126126126126126

Attachment face angle Dywidag for radius shuttering

Angle adapter with Dywidag quick release and fastening plate for mounting on a steel or spring steel sheet.

Attachment face angle Dywidag for radius shuttering 120Attachment face angle Dywidag for radius shuttering 136
Art. No.0826410162
H shuttering skin (mm)160-220140-160
L (mm)120136
W (mm)13660

Suppressing device

For secure fixing of, e.g. U-profiles, window frames, etc.

Suppressing device
Art. No.09057
ForSPB 900
H1 adapter (mm)73
H2 adapter and magnet (mm)100
L (mm)278
W (mm)105

Adapter For H-beam

For magnetic fixation of an H-beam, e.g. Doka, Peri etc.

Adapter for H-beam 1Adapter for H-beam 2
Art. No.4687846870
ForDoka H20 N, Peri VT20, u. a.Doka H20 N, Peri VT20, u. a.

Lifting tool SPB

Lifting tool 450/900Lifting tool 1350/1800/2100
Art. No.0329903292
ForSPB 450/900SPB 1350/1800/2100

Wood tensioner with clamping adapter

For safe holding down of shuttering profiles of all types.

Wood tensioner with clamping adapter (SPB 900/1350/1800/2100)Wood tensionerWood tensioner with clamping adapter
Art. No.043992280204400
ForSPB 900/1350/1800/2100SPB 450all
L (mm)365365180

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