The flexible mould kit for room modules
High quality also for smaller series

Our newly developed modular mould kit offers the perfect solution also for smaller projects.

One of the unique features of the new concept is the patent-pending shrinking mechanism, whereby the module is lifted while the inner core is shrunk at the same time. The mould was also deliberately designed to be modular. The core and exterior panels consist of various standardised components that can be easily swapped out and adapted to other room dimensions. This means the mould can be used efficiently even if the production volume of a room is small.


Production of 4- to 5-sided volumetric elements, especially room modules, sanitary cells, etc.


  • Modular design of the core and outer panels, made from various standardised base elements that can be re-combined as needed.
  • Patented shrink mechanism of the inner core: simultaneous shrinking and lifting of the element
  • Also adaptable to complex details of the element
  • Suitable for filling from above and below
  • Easy to integrate into existing production system

Application examples

Further information

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Project report from CPI (ConcretePlant International)

More information on all our 3D mould solutions can be found in our Leaflet "3D-Mould Solutions 2019" in the download section of our website.

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