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Upcrete® (‘concreting upwards’) is a technique for pouring highly complex precast element geometries. In combination with intelligent shuttering and pumping technology it allows a highly efficient and adaptable modular construction system based on self compacting concrete (SCC). Upcrete® combines all-round visible concrete-quality surfaces and in situ production with the highest possible degree of economic efficiency.

The production system turns precast concrete production, as we know it, upside down. Instead of pouring concrete into the formwork or on the casting table from above, with upcrete® the concrete is pumped from below into the mould.We call this the Die-Cast-Flush-rising-Concreting-System (DFCS).

With this filling method hardly any air is brought into the concrete during concreting.

By using self compacting concrete subsequent mechanical compacting is not necessary anymore. The installation of a heating system can be realized, if our customer wishes, to shorten curing time.


The key facts and advantages in detail:

  • Uses self-compacting concrete (SCC)
  • Complete filling of even the most awkward geometries
  • Formwork filled with concrete pumped upwards from below
  • In situ production of complex concrete units
  • Smooth form finish surfaces all round
  • No screeding or smoothing of surfaces
  • Minimal quantities of concrete residue
  • Maximum dimensional accuracy of parts
  • Quiet, minimal waste of materials, efficient and ecological concrete elements production
  • Shorter formwork laying times

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