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Our change of perspective turns precast concrete part production upside down.

Upcrete® technology brings together all our expertise and know-how from the fields of building construction, factory planning, process control, workplace design and mechanical engineering.

With the upcrete® system, we set new standards for the integrated planning of work with precast concrete elements. Upcrete® technology permits both the in situ production of complex concrete elements and smooth all-round form finish surfaces.

Since 2006 we have constantly further developed upcrete© technology and adapted it to actual customer requirements, making it easy to perfectly fit into existing productions or newly set up plants.

Upcrete© not only revolutionizes precast concrete part production, but also sets impulses for the complete design and planning process up to production and assembly of precast concrete elements.

The technology provides new - previously unknown - possibilities of prefabrication and, thus, gives stimuli to those who are creating the buildings of the future.

Another good news: upcrete© can be easily and economically installed in existing productions and can be customized to your individual needs.

Do not hesitate to contact us for an individual personal consultation and feasibility recommendation!


Upcrete®– „to concrete upwards“ – is the procedure to concrete all sides smooth precast concrete elements, even with most complex geometries.

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The upcrete®-Principle

Learn more about the production process with upcrete®.

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for the realization of an upcrete®-production system

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Upcrete® and its components are already in use for different applications by our customers around the globe.

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