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Press release: Concrete masts for high-performance wind turbines in China


Concrete masts for high-performance wind turbines in China

RATEC impresses with its Upcrete technology


Hockenheim, October 11, 2017


Chinese company Jinke New Energy develops and builds systems to generate energy from wind, sun, biomass and other alternative sources. The company is among the country’s leading providers in this sector. As part of a current wind energy project, RATEC technology was installed at two locations for the production of precast concrete elements used in the construction of 120-meter high towers for two megawatt wind turbines.


The main challenge for the customer was the efficient filling of the roughly 200 moulds at each production site. The tight reinforcement of the elements meant that filling from the top was not possible. It was also necessary to optimize surface quality, reduce the crane capacity needed in production and to generally accelerate the production processes.


This was where RATEC was able to impress with its Upcrete technology. “It has already shown itself to be an effective solution in many areas, especially when it comes to the production of complex volumetric elements. At the core of the process is our special pump technology from below with the help of our UPP100”, emphasizes Jörg Reymann, Managing Director of the RATEC/Reymann Group.


The two UPP100 pumps were delivered on a specially-fitted transport vehicle which ensured trouble-free logistics at the site. Concrete is supplied using a special transport trolley that is connected directly to the pump, thus eliminating the need for a concrete bucket. This made it possible to achieve the goal of reducing crane capacity for the filling. Pumping from below ensures a maximum of surface quality because air is pushed upward out of the mould, virtually eliminating the occurrence of air pockets in the concrete.





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A total of 200 moulds per location are used in the production of the elements.


Due to very tight reinforcement, it was only possible to consider pumping from below.


The two mobile UPP100 rotary pumps ensure optimal production processes.


Finished elements waiting to be installed.


Installation of the turbines on the completed mast.

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