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Double Wall Plant, Power Plus

Performance RT: Planning, Support for design of shuttering robot

Plant capacity320 m² double wall/shift oder 750 m² double wall/shift

Hall: Area 3.290 m², Clearance 8,35 m

Personnel: 10 employees/shift (wall); 8 employees/shift (slab)

Plant concept:

  • Double Wall 180 – 400 mm
  • Double Wall and lattice girder slab with curved overlapping reinforcement
  • 40 pallets L/W 12,5/3,3 m
  • Tilting bypass station
  • Shuttering robot, also for magnet box and magnets for inserts.
  • Automated straightening and cutting machine fo round steel
  • Possibility to produce core insulated double walls
  • Direct concrete transport from a new mixing plant
  • Divided hall
  • Inside the hall a large stacking and interim storage area for precast elements
  • Plant with high potential

Project description

For this third plant our customer demanded a high-duty plant including a shuttering robot to reduce personnel costs. Together with the plant a main pc was installed. Also a data connection/transfer between all 3 factories is realized.


A flexible and high potential plant with a possibility to extend product range.

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