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Intelligent block-out solutions for smooth production

In a competitive market place, precast concrete producers continuously look to improve production methods. At RATEC we are focused on providing our customers with solutions that, not only to improve the end results but also provide time and cost saving opportunities.

Window and door openings are created by "blockouts" on the forming bed, and rails are place to form the panel perimeter. After reinforcement and lifting devices are placed, the concrete is poured and cured. The panels are then lifted by cranes and stored until delivery and erection at the job site.

The advantages of using RATEC blockout frames

  • Using window and door blockouts made from steel ensures consistent quality for every element produced
  • Significantly reduces your setup costs and greatly increases flexibility
  • Reduce labor costs by using RATEC blockouts vs. traditional wood framing
  • Each frame can be interchangeable and customized to form to exact specifications
  • Infinite reusability reduces your wood consumption significantly

During demolding, the clamping brackets are released by unfastening the threaded knobs. This collapses the miteres joint and loosens the extension plate, which is then moved inward and detached without binding with the concrete or the corner. 

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