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MST Universal Plywood Beam

The lightweight for manual handling

for: solid elements with thickness of 100 - 500 mm, suitable as transversal or longitudinal shuttering

Our flexible multitalent:

  • stackable or connectable for double sided us
  • fast and easy to handle
  • excellent stability and static properties - no bending


SPB Standard PRO Magnet Box 2100 or SPB 1800
Art.-No. 03232 (SPB 2100)
Art.-No. 07949 (SPB 1800)

Clamping bracket for fixation on SPB 2100 or SPB 1800:
Art.-No. 53642

Plywood beam:
L=2980 mm/ W = 178 mm
H=98 mm, Art.-No. 63741
H=148 mm, Art.-No. 63807
H=198 mm, Art.-No. 63809

Shuttering skin (provided by customer) 

<figure class="csc-textpic-image csc-textpic-last">



  • Plywood can protrude sidewise up to 125 mm, in height up to 100 mm
  • Not more than 2 beams should be stacked upon each other
  • Maximum height for plywood = 500 mm
  • The Universal Plywood Beam can be cut to your required length

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