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Stair Forms

Casting stairs can be a time and labor-intensive process, especially when a multitude of stair configurations must be produced.

The challenge is not only to adjust the form to the specified configuration, but to ensure repeatability of the dimensional accuracy with each reset of the mold.

RATEC works with your team during the design, implementation and project management phases to ensure your satisfaction

  • Hassle free maintenance with walk-on platform
  • easy height adjustment
  • on-board organized storage for tensioning rods
  • rigid frame construction provides easy, one-step installation

Advantages / Properties

  • Self-adjustable to preset tread and riser geometry configuration – no need of measurements during setup
  • Tread and riser geometry configuration set by interchangeable templates
    Preset, adjustable thickness of the stair throat and landings
  • High dimensional accuracy achieved with every setup and cast
  • Built in modular principle – forming modules can be added or replaced, including riser formers, bottom and top landing forms
  • Magnetic headers allow for varying the length of the stair, or to split the form into producing 2 elements at the time
  • Self-contained ergonomic design, allowing easy transportation, fast installation and efficient operation
Stair landing mould
Stair landing
Finished elements

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