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Casting Forms

We design and produce all kinds of casting forms, tailor-made to your specific needs and adaptable to different kinds of production processes.

Please find below examples of casting forms we have provided in the past. For an individual consultation and quotation do not hesitate to contact us!

Column / beam forms

variation examples:

Magnetic beam forms with adjustable width

Magnetic column forms with corbel  blockouts

Universal column-beam form with hydraulic opening/closing

Column and Beam forms with upcrete® filling from the bottom

Retaining Wall forms

Stadium Seating Forms

Median Barrier Forms

Stair forms

Stair Landing forms

Roof Molds

Roof Molds

3D-Molds for upcrete®

In the upcrete® section of our website you find more information on the system and technology. 

see details

with upcrete® and 3D-molds you enjoy unlimited possibilities, formerly unknown or almost impossible to realise.

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