SAS-MF Module Flex Siderail
The foundation for any application

The SAS-MF Module Flex siderail system for solid and sandwich wall and ceiling panels is available in lengths of 20''-315'' and features a modular variable height from 4'' to 20''. The SAS-MF is optimised for quick siderail skin changeovers and is suitable for many different types of siderail skin (wood, alkus, smooth steel, tongue and groove, shear key, steel or rope connection loops). With a base, it is possible to implement various heights and siderail shapes by changing the front plate. Even complicated element geometries and protruding reinforcements are possible.


Complete system for the production of bar, solid and sandwich elements with heights from 4''-20''.

Especially suitable for

  • Frequently changing and/or complex siderail skin geometries
  • Protruding reinforcement
  • Handling by crane or lifting beam
  • The production of bar, solid and sandwich elements


  • Integrated switchable magnets
  • Steel formwork
  • Wooden formwork
  • Extendable in height
  • Suitable for traverses
  • Can be manipulated with a crane
  • Can be profiled according to customer requirements

Detailed properties:


  • Integrated high performance magnets with 4620 lbs retaining force each
  • Sturdy 1/3'' frontshell with 1/4'' canted back
  • Features screw holes for plywood, keyholes for steel shell skin and slots for protruding reinforcement as standard




  • Easy handling by crane and lifting beam
  • Flexible modular design through the use of extension modules for siderail base in heights from 4''-15 3/4''.




  • siderail lengths: 20''-315''
  • Width of the siderail base: 4''-8''



SAS-MF siderail base

The siderail base for attaching various extension modules is manufactured individually pursuant to your specifications.

SAS-MF siderail base
Art. No.On request
H (in)4'' - 16''
L (in)20'' - 315'
W (in) of the siderail base dependent on H4'' - 8''

Extension modules for SAS-MF siderail base

Examples of wood front and steel front. The plywood siderail skin is screwed to the siderail base via screw holes. Steel extension modules are suspended on the keyholes. We produce extension modules individually pursuant to your wishes.

Extension modules for SAS-MF siderail base
Art. No.On request


Lifting tool R-Popper-LR for KPB 3000 / 4000

Lifting tool R-Popper-LR for KPB 3000 / 4000
Art. No.03292
ForKPB 3000, KPB 4000

Fork lifting beam

Fork lifting beam
Art. No.On request
Crossbeam receptaclesHorizontal attachment lugs
Max. load capacity880 lbs
Unladen weight370 lbs

Special solutions

Complex frontshell shapes

Pile siderail

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