RT U60 Pro
The quick and economical system for the production of girder slabs and double walls

The RT U60 Pro siderail system for the production of girder slabs and double walls is tailor-made pursuant to all customer requirements, such as robot handling, chamfering options, bearing fixtures and much more. With built-in magnetic automatic components based on our Pro Magnet series, the RT U60 Pro is extremely reliable and durable.


Turnkey system for the production of girder slabs and double walls with element heights of 2''-4''.

Especially suitable for

  • Circulation systems
  • Jobs with siderail robots
  • Jobs with a high degree of automation
  • High quality requirements on chamfering precision


  • Integrated switchable magnets
  • Concreteable on both sides
  • Steel formwork
  • Suitable for robots
  • Can be manipulated by hand

Detailed properties


  • Canted 1/9'' U-profile with machined contact surface for clean siderail edges




  • Easy to position
  • Easy removal and attachment of the siderail
  • Compatible with robots from all robot manufacturers
  • Easy handling, also manually
  • Suitable for the production of girder slabs and double walls



  • siderail lengths: 17 3/4'' – 157''
  • Height: 2'' – 4''

Application Examples


RT U60 Pro

RT U60 Pro
Art. No.On request
H (in)2 1/3'', 2 1/2'', 2 3/4'', 3'', 3 1/8'', 3 1/3'', 3 1/2'', 3 3/4'', 4''
Steel Plate (in)1/10
W (in)2 1/3


Lifting tool RT U60 Pro

Transport receptacle lifting eye bolt M16 x 27
Art. No.SC042085

Keyhole adapter

For siderail heights up to 6.3", e.g. for partition walls or fi berglass upstands. Variants: clampable or tensionable, custom heights

Keyhole adapter (RT U60 PRO)
Art. No.On request

Fiberglass attachment for RT U60 Pro

Space-saving attachment solution for the RT U60 Pro for holding down fi berglass upstands, with retaining force of 1200 lbs. The attachment consists of two upstand-stabilising pipe profi les and is easy to fix to the siderail by means of an elongated stopper plate.

Fibreglass attachment
Art. No.68363
H (in)6 5/8''
L (in)6
Speedy Attachment1 head Speedy GFS incl.

Slip-on profiles

To extend the siderail with or without integrated magnets.

Slip-on profiles
Art. No.On request

Double wall adapter

For holding down pre-cut shims when turning for double-wall production. Clamping range from 2.36 – 3.34", with milled insert plate starting at 2.17".

Double wall adapter
Art. No.61953
H approx. (in)4 3/8
L approx. (in)12
Permissible retaining force element approx. (lbs)550
Placement approx.1 Adapter per 3 running feet
Retaining force (lbs)4620
W approx. (in)12

Quicky anchor socket

The compact single piece precast dowel. Assembling and disassembling parts is not required. The threadless sleeve allows for the anchoring screw to be turned in and out with an electric screwdriver in seconds.

QuickyQuicky TSIQuicky light concrete
Art. No.012500583202150
Disk Ø (in)2 1/41 1/42 1/4
L (in)1 3/832 3/8
MaterialBranded plastic HDPE "Made in Germany"Branded plastic HDPE "Made in Germany"Branded plastic HDPE "Made in Germany"
Packaging unit1100 pcs.1700 pcs.900 pcs.


For fi xing window siderail, fi berglass upstands or plywood siderail.

Art. No.

Tooth comb / siderail with reinforcement slots

As transversal siderail for elements with protruding reinforcement, made of TIVAR or steel. Optionally with integrated KPB Klacker Power Box.

Tooth comb / siderail with reinforcement slots
Art. No.On request
Design L, W, HAccording to your specifications

Magnet Clip

For bridging a frontal chamfer.

Magnet clip
Art. No.On request

Special solutions

Speedy GFS for fixing of thermal walls

Two-part RT U60 Pro for protruding reinforcement

RTU corner siderail

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