PSV Pro System Vario
The versatile classic

The PSV Pro System Vario is the classic all-rounder among adapter systems for the SPB Standard Pro Magnetic Box. Above all, customers benefit from its versatility and quick and easy manual handling. As a modular system, it is ideally suited for complex or frequently changing siderail tasks, and it can be used very flexibly. Ideal areas of application are recesses for doors and windows, as well as transversal siderail in support of other systems or a fi xed side siderail.


  • Longitudinal or transversal siderail for all planar precast concrete elements with wall thicknesses of 4'' - 20''
  • Door and window recesses
  • Ideal in addition to SAS, MHS, MST and Easy Form

Especially suitable for

  • Complex and/or frequently changing geometries
  • Stationary production
  • Low level of automation
  • Manual siderail handling


  • Wooden formwork
  • Can be manipulated by hand
  • Can be manipulated with a crane


  • KPB Klacker Power Box 4000
  • PSV upper part with Dywidag screw connection
  • C-profile
  • siderail skin (provided by customer)


  • Flexible siderail lengths, gapless from 21'' – 138" through our standard C-profile length grid
  • Height adjustable by change of adapter (solid concrete: 4 – 13 3/4''; sandwich: up to 20'')


Gapless longitudinal siderail


  • Easy positioning by fixing and releasing at the push of a button
  • Easy attachment and removal of the siderail skin
  • No crane required
  • Easy assembly with the wood-clad C-profiles by means of Dywidag coarse-thread screws

Application examples


PSV adapter

Upper part for SPB Standard Pro Magnetic Box 2100 for fixing the C-profile, one-sided version.

PSV Adapter 100/200PSV Adapter 150/250PSV Adapter 200/300PSV Adapter 250/350PSV Adapter 300/400PSV Adapter 400/500
Art. No.044710442002383053210196610054
B Adapter (in)6 2/36 2/37 1/27 1/27 1/210
For siderail skin----
For siderail skin with the height (in)--8-1210-1412-1615 3/4-20
H Adapter (in)468101215 3/4
Number of C-profiles111222
with the height (in)4-86-10----

PSV² Adapter

Upper part for SPB Standard Pro Magnetic Box 2100 for fixing the C-profile. What makes the PSV² adapter unique is that it can be retracted on the active magnetic box for demoulding without having to move the magnetic box. This means that the SPB Standard Pro Magnetic Box does not have to be remeasured and repositioned in the next production step.

PSV² Adapter 100/200PSV² Adapter 150/250PSV² Adapter 200/300PSV² Adapter 250/350PSV² Adapter 300/400PSV² Adapter 400/500
Art. No.187711877218773187751877618777
B Adapter (in)88888 1/48 1/4
For siderail skin with the height (in)4-86-108-1210-1412-1616-20
H Adapter (in)468101216
Number of C-profiles111222


PSV C-Profil

PSV C-Profile 3000PSV C-Profile 2000PSV C-Profile 1100PSV C-Profile 250
Art. No.04478044950539804472
H (in)3 1/53 1/53 1/53 1/5
L (in)118794310
W (in)1 3/41 3/41 3/41 3/4

Positioning aid for C-profile

Positioning aid for exact placement of the C-profile on the plywood.

Positioning aid for C-profile 100/200Positioning aid for C-profile 150/250Positioning aid for C-profile 200/300Positioning aid for C-profile 250/350Positioning aid for C-profile 300/400Positioning aid for C-profile 350/450Positioning aid for C-profile 400/500
Art. No.52114521125211651742517475174951750
For PSV adapter100/200150/250200/300250/350300/400350/450400/500

KPB Klacker Power Box 4000

The basis for all applications in siderail construction.

KPB 4000
Art. No.03232
H1 casing (in)2 1/3
H2 switched (in)3 1/3
H3 released (in)3 3/4
L (in)12 1/2
Retaining force (lbs)4620
W (in)4 3/4

Lifting tool KPB4000

Lifting tool R-Popper-LR for KPB 3000 / 4000
Art. No.03292
ForKPB 3000, KPB 4000

PSV corner bracket

For a corner connection of C-profi les when stripping recesses.

PSV corner bracket
Art. No.26673
H (in)3 7/8
L leg (in)11 7/8

Extension for PSV

For attachment to the C-profile for fixing insert parts or upstands in the element.

Extension for PSV
Art. No.49193
H (in)15 3/4
L (in)15 3/4

PSV storage rack

For storage of KPB 4000 with mounted PSV adapter 100 / 200, 150 / 250 or 200 / 300.

PSV storage rack 12PSV storage rack 14
Art. No.1255208919
For adapter200/300-
For adapters-100/200 und 150/250
rack spaces1214

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