MSR Modular Siderail System
The system for individual configuration to your needs

The MSR Modular Siderail System is as unique as the siderail challenges of our customers. We cut the system precisely to your requirements. The MSR is suitable for robots and can be configured for each siderail robot. This makes it the perfect siderail solution for automated operation, particularly in circulation systems. With integrated magnetic components with a retaining force of 1980-4620 lbs, it reduces the siderail work steps to mere positioning and activation of the magnets.


Can be used as a complete system for the production of solid elements from 3'' high as well as for columns, binders, special beams, stationary production as well as for circulation systems with and without siderail robots.

Can be used in recesses which are set by robots.

Especially suitable for

  • Circulation systems
  • Jobs with siderail robots
  • Jobs with a high degree of automation


  • Concreteable on both sides
  • Integrated switchable magnets
  • Extendable in height
  • Steel formwork
  • Can be profiled according to customer requirements
  • Suitable for traverses
  • Suitable for robots
  • Can be manipulated with a crane

Standard versions


Versions for one-sided or double-sided use

MSR front plate characteristics a) smooth on one or both sides, b) chamfer on top and/or bottom, c) with grouting groove and shear key, d) Profile for slab supports

MSR cover panel characteristics: a) Transport receptacle, gripping knobs, b) Keyhole, receptacle for plug lifting beam, c) Crane attachments, d) Screw connection for upper parts

MSR front face characteristics: a) Smooth, b) Chamfer on top and/or bottom, c) Profile, d) Telescopic for flexible lengths

Additional characteristics can be produced. Ask us about it!

Detailed properties


  • Integrated high-performance magnets



  • High-precision laser-cut design
  • MSR is configured according to customer requirements
  • Handling with lifting beam, crane and robot possible.
  • Extendable on request
  • Telescopic on request



  • siderail lengths from 19 1/2'' - 315''
  • siderail heights up to 20''


Upper parts for height flexibility
UAR adapter for upstands or offsets
Magnetic solutions for grouting groove with loops

Application examples


Lifting tool R-Popper-LR for KPB 3000 / 4000

Lifting tool R-Popper-LR for KPB 3000 / 4000
Art. No.03292
ForKPB 3000, KPB 4000

Adapter plate for attaching a wooden front

Adapter plate for attaching a wooden front
Art. No.50413
H (in)5/8
L (in)5 7/8
W (in)1 1/2

Upper parts for MSR

We would be happy to realise different upper parts (double or one-sided versions) for the extendable MSR specifically to your requirements.

Upper parts for MSR
Art. No.On request
Max. height of the structure = double height of the base
up to max. 8''

Cover sheet for MSR

For covering the base during casting

Cover sheet for MSR
Art. No.On request

Magnetic vinyl for MSR

To cover openings in the siderail's cover panel, such as keyholes, and to protect against the ingress of concrete.

Magnetic vinyl for MSR
Art. No.On request
DimensionsBy request
MaterialMagnetic vinyl PF 518, magnetised multi-pole on single side

Corner magnet

Corner magnet for recesses, including automatic magnet component with a retaining force of approx. 992 lbs.

Corner magnet
Art. No.On request

System siderail for windows/doors on MSR basis

The sides of the recess are first positioned and then completed with a corner magnet. For stripping, first the corner is removed and then the sides. The corner magnet can be combined with robot- or crane-capable steel siderail as well as with woodclad siderail. The leg siderail can be set by robot. The corner magnet is set and released manually.

System siderail for windows/doors on MSR basis
Art. No.On request
H (in)4'' - 15 3/4''

MSR system windows

Robot-capable system window on MSR basis, consisting of SAS siderail in unit length of 17 3/4''. These are set manually or by robot. Intermediate pieces that are shorter than the 17 3/4'' grid are lined with polystyrene. The end pieces of the siderail are closed with a cover plate to guarantee clean edges.

MSR system windows
Art. No.On request
L (in)17 3/4

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