MHS Modular Wood siderail
The robust all-rounder

The MHS is one of our standard solutions for the production of solid and sandwich elements up to 26' in length. The MHS base profile features integrated magnets with a retaining force of 4620 lbs and gives the siderail stability and reliability. The combination of a base profile made from a sturdy, canted 1/4'' steel plate and plywood makes the system reliable and allows it to be used flexibly. If needed, the MHS can be quickly and easily converted.


As longitudinal and transversal siderail for the production of solid and sandwich elements with up to 20'' wall thickness, e.g. solid/sandwich walls, solid/sandwich ceilings, columns, binders, special beams.

Especially suitable for

  • Use as longitudinal siderail
  • Use as side siderail in staircase formwork
  • Stationary production
  • Low level of automation
  • Manual siderail handling


  • Wooden formwork
  • Integrated switchable magnets
  • Extendable in height
  • Can be manipulated with a crane


Example of a pallet configuration with the following components:

MHS as a longitudinal siderail, PSV as transversal siderail and for window and door recesses.


Integrated high-performance magnet


  • siderail lengths: 78''-315''
  • Base width: 70''


  • Continuously adjustable from 4'' - 20''
  • Easy removal and attachment of the siderail skin
  • Easy handling by crane

Application examples


MHS base profile

Base profile with upper part made of stable canted 6 mm steel plate with integrated high-performance magnets with a retaining force of 2100 kg each (the number of magnets depends on the length of the base profile).

MHS Base profile 7980MHS Base profile 5460MHS Base profile 4960MHS Base profile 4480MHS Base profile 3980MHS Base profile 3480MHS Base profile 2980MHS Basistärger 2480MHS Base profile 1980MHS Base profile 1480MHS Base profile 5980MHS Base profile 6480MHS Base profile 6960MHS Base profile 7480
Art. No.0214318254117432336003888228230417613427023361342502086260280233522043
H (in) Basis3 7/83 7/83 7/83 7/83 7/83 7/83 7/83 7/83 7/83 7/83 7/83 7/83 7/83 7/8
L (in)314215195176157137117987858235255174294
No. of angles86444444337778
W (in)77777777777777

MHS angle adapter

MHS angle adapters with or without lift off loop / transport ring for easy handling by crane.

MHS angle adapter 200/300MHS angle adapter 300/400MHS angle adapter 300/400MHS angle adapter 400/500MHS angle adapter 400/500 Ja
Art. No.0209302091020921964919650
H siderail skin (in)8 - 1212 - 1612 - 1616 - 2016 - 20
Transport ringNoNoYesNoYes


Lifting tool R-Popper-LR for KPB 3000 / 4000

Lifting tool R-Popper-LR for KPB 3000 / 4000
Art. No.03292
ForKPB 3000, KPB 4000

MHS Railslider

Transport trolley for detaching the MHS and for easy transport on the pallet.

MHS Railslider
Art. No.On request
L ca. (in)63
Weight (lbs)15

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