Block magnets for fixing
Pin-point accuracy

The magnetic strips of the MLU series are particularly suitable for installation in U-shaped longitudinal and transversal shuttering in the production of girder slabs.


  • Magnetic rubber or neodymium magnets
  • Temperature exposure up to 140°F, on request up to 176°F
  • Can be delivered with or without chamfer
  • Partially available with and without groove
  • The adhesion side is polished
  • The open design is also available with aluminium caps screwed to the front
  • The magnet is released with a separate lifting tool


Magnetic strips MLU-0300K

- With chamfer on top - Retaining force 660 – 1200 lbs - Open design

Magnetic strips MLU-0300K
Art. No.On request

Magnetic strips MLU-1000

- Without chamfer - Retaining force 1650 – 2650 lbs - Open design

Magnetic strips MLU-1000
Art. No.On request

Magnetic strips MLU-1400WN

- One-piece with groove - Retaining force 2000 – 3050 lb - Closed design

Magnetic strips MLU-1400WN
Art. No.On request

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