UCI pump connection
Smooth element finish

Advantages at a glance

  • Enables the supply of concrete with a smooth finish
  • No after-treatment necessary
  • Clean filling process without concrete residue
  • Simple manual or semi-automatic operation
  • Easy to use with crank or torque wrench
  • No leakage during closing
  • Easy flushing process, thus no time-consuming maintenance work
  • Static end stops prevent incorrect operation
  • Can be mounted on steel and wooden molds

Application examples


UCI Basic

Our standard for shuttering filling, wear-resistant and clean.

UCI.125 Basic 3UCI.100 Basic 3UCI.70 Basic 3
Art. No.UCI.125 Basic 3UCI.100 Basic 3UCI.70 Basic 3
(SWV) Wrench width lockSW 36SW 36SW 36
Approx. Weight (kg)584427
DA Outlet diameter16513590
DF Flange diameter260230190
DN Nominal diameter12510070
H (mm)515482370
L (mm)1095920764
SK quick release coupling size5 ½“4 ½“3 ¼“
W (mm)265235190

UCI Square

Our slim specialist for narrow inlets. With or without flange or completely customised.

(SWV) Wrench width lock36
Approx. Weight (kg)26
DN Nominal diameter70
H (mm)400
L (mm)660
RA Rectangular dimension outlet70 x 140
RK Rectangular dimension piston50 x 120
SK quick release coupling sizeSK 3 ¼“
W (mm)250

UCI Compact

The compact filling connection for fixing to the bottom shuttering.

UCI.100 CompactUCI.70 Compact
Art. No.UCI.100 CUCI.70 C
(SWV) Wrench width lock3630
Approx. weight (kg)14,57,5
DA Outlet diameter180130
DN Nominal diameter10070
H (mm)370300
L (mm)582515
SK quick release coupling size4 ½”3 ¼”
W (mm)230175

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