Tilted precast tables
and hydraulically tilted precast tables

We deliver the right solutions to ensure reliable, efficient production of high quality wall panel elements with safe operation and easy handling. With various options to fit your individual requirements and full range of magnetic or fix siderail solutions from RATEC we can provide you with a one-stop-solution for your casting needs.

Advantages of RATEC hydraulic tilt tables

  • Shorter production cycle allowed by near vertical handling of the produced element
  • Less damage to your elements than lifting from a flat table
  • Less reinforcement is needed when you tilt the table instead of the element


  • Seamless, high quality casting surface
  • Hydraulic or tilt by crane option
  • Safe operation guaranteed by built-in self-locking features at raised position
  • Several hydraulic tables can be operated by a single hydraulic unit, efficiently and space-saving
  • Hydraulic power unit with tilt control station
  • Offered with variety of Ratec bolt-down, magnetic or side mounted rails with preset, self-height adjustment
  • Options for vibration and heating systems

Application Examples

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