Insert Magnets for Mounting and Assembly
Pipe magnets

Insert magnets for mounting and assembly from RATEC have been used for years in the precast concrete industry. They have proven themselves in tough everyday conditions. And through the combination of rubber bodies with integrated magnets, they can be produced in almost any geometry. Simple solutions make effi cient work possible. The strong, integrated magnet fi xes the insert part in the exact position.

Magnets for corrugated pipe G (rubber)

Pipe magnet for fixing pipes.

Magnets for corrugated pipe - 6''Magnets for corrugated pipe - 3 1/8 ''Magnets for corrugated pipe - 4''Magnets for corrugated pipe - 1 1/2''Magnets for corrugated pipe - 2''Magnets for corrugated pipe - 1''Magnets for corrugated pipe - 2 3/4''Magnets for corrugated pipe - 2''Magnets for corrugated pipe - 2 1/2''Magnets for corrugated pipe - 2 1/8''
Art. No.12529019791184612444067571252807085020960209710453
H (in)42 1/22 2/32 3/42 1/21 3/162 1/22 1/22 1/42
Ø (in)63 1/841 1/2212 3/422 1/22 1/8

Pipe magnet G (rubber)

Pipe magnet for fixing pipes in columns, binders, joists.

Pipe magnet rubber - 4 1/2''Pipe magnet rubber - 4''Pipe magnet rubber - 2 3/4''Pipe magnet rubber - 2''
Art. No.00236032580771006879
H (in)1112/3
Retaining force (lbs)1540770440260
Ø (in)4 1/242 3/42

Universal magnet G (rubber)

Universal magnet for recesses and dummy tubes.

Universal magnet rubberUniversal magnet rubber
Art. No.0039400386
H1 (in)1 1/31 1/8
H2 (in)3/43/4
Ø 1 (in)1 3/42 3/4
Ø 2 (in)1 3/82 1/8

Plastic plate for universal magnets

Special dimensions for the plastic plates are available.

Plastic plate for universal magnet - 7 7/8''Plastic plate for universal magnet - 6''Plastic plate for universal magnet - 3''Plastic plate for universal magnet - 4''Plastic plate for universal magnet - 4 11/16''
Art. No.0799507097125230709607095
for tube Ø (in)7 7/86344 11/16
for universal magnet0038600386003860038600386

This is an excerpt from our pipe magnet product range. Additional designs are available on request.

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