Insert Magnets for Mounting and Assembly
Lift off anchors

Insert magnets for mounting and assembly from RATEC have been used for years in the precast concrete industry. They have proven themselves in tough everyday conditions. And through the combination of rubber bodies with integrated magnets, they can be produced in almost any geometry. Simple solutions make effi cient work possible. The strong, integrated magnet fi xes the insert part in the exact position.

Lift off anchors

Flat steel lift off anchor (rubber)

Transport anchor Magnet. Delivery without anchor.

Burk R rubber - 7,5/8/10 tBurk R rubber - 5 tBurk R rubber - 2,5 t
Art. No.026177578175780
Load class (t)7,5/8/1052,5

Ball head lift off anchor (rubber)

Magnet for fixing a ball-type transport anchor according to the load class.

Swift lift rubber - 7,5 tSwift lift rubber - 5 tSwift lift rubber - 10 tSwift lift rubber - 1,3 tSwift lift rubber - 2,5 t
Art. No.01561010420370604967401041
Load class (t)7,55101,32,5

Swift Lift S ( steel)

Magnet for fixing a ball-type transport anchor according to the load class. The ball anchor of steel is turned out of solid material and forms a homogeneous unit together with the high-performance magnet. The adhesive surface is smoothed, the magnetic core is protected against corrosion and damaging.

Swift lift steel - 5 tSwift lift steel - 7,5/10 tSwift lift steel - 1,3 tSwift lift steel - 2,5 t
Art. No.20759207602075620758
Load class (t)57,5/101,32,5

This is an excerpt from our insert magnets product range. Additional designs are available on request.

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