Electrical Box Magnets
To make sure the current is in the right place!

Electrical Box Magnets from RATEC have been used for many years in the precast concrete industry and have proven their worth in practice. Through the combination of rubber bodies with integrated magnets, almost all geometries and solutions can be realised. Easy installation and removal in the electrical boxes facilitates a effi cient and streamlined process. The strong, integrated magnet fixes the insert part in the exact position. With empty conduit magnets, the magnet body leaves a recess in the concrete after removal.


For attachment of electrical boxes of all common manufacturers

Detailed properties

  • Very high retaining force
  • Can be used directly in concrete
  • Simple and safe positioning of components without slipping

Especially suitable for

Our product range features a wide variety of insert magnets. We also gladly offer customised solutions for you!

Please send us your requirements, drawing or type. We will surely have the right solution for you.


We offer the right magnet solutions for your electrical boxes from the following manufacturers:
  • ABB

  • FUGA


  • AGRO


  • OPUS



Accessories for empty conduit attachment

Empty conduit end attachment single 1-H

Empty conduit end attachment single 1-H
Art. No.27285
H (in)1 1/2
L 1 (in)3 1/3
L 2 (in)4
W 1 (in)1 1/2
W 2 (in)2 3/4
Ø (in)3/4

Empty conduit end attachment double 2-H

Empty conduit end attachment double 2-H
Art. No.03000
H (in)2
L 1 (in)4 1/2
L 2 (in)5 1/3
W 1 (in)3 1/2
W 2 (in)4 3/4
Ø (in)7/8

Further customised solutions for your electrical boxes are available!

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