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The quick and economical siderail adapters from RATEC allow for efficient and safe fixing of siderail elements. Our adapters feature integrated Pro-Magnets and can be combined to make the perfect addition to any siderail system, for example for recesses, additional upstands in every corner or for fixing insert parts. Find out for yourself what our multitalents can really do. We would also be happy to develop individual adapter solutions for you.


Speedy GFS

For stepless, rectangular fixing of a siderail skin up to 15 3/4" height. The Speedy GFS is suitable for almost all siderail materials, e.g. bre concrete upstands, wood and many others. The advantages: - Quick attachment by clamp lever - Space-saving – can be positioned transversely and longitudinally to the siderail - Easy positioning and removal by push-button activation of the integrated high-performance magnet -Clamping clip for secure fixing of the siderail skin

Speedy GFS
Art. No.48029
Clamping range (in)0 - 1''
H (in)15 3/4''
L (in)10 3/8
Retaining force (lbs)1980
W (in)2 3/8'' - 1 1/2''

Extension for Speedy GFS

The extension is used to facilitate the positioning of insert parts.

Extension for Speedy GFS 400Extension for Speedy GFS
Art. No.4826246192
L (in)1612

Head for Speedy GFS, clamping range 1'' – 3"

Separate head for use with formwork elements with a thickness of 1'' – 3''

Head for Speedy GFS, clamping range 1'' - 3''
Art. No.50670

Head for Speedy GFS with extension arm

The separate head with extension is used for easy positioning of insert parts, for example.

Head for Speedy GFS with extension arm
Art. No.50400
L (in)12

Positioning angle for Speedy GFS

Angle for attachment to the extension for Speedy GFS.

Positioning angle for Speedy GFS (Double angle)Positioning angle for Speedy GFS (Single)
Art. No.4824948248
TypeDouble AngleSingle

Head for Speedy GFS for wood siderail

For holding down siderail profi les made of wood.

Head for Speedy GFS for wood siderail
Art. No.65066

Universal clamping adapter head for Speedy GFS

For holding down the most varied siderail profi les of all materials.

Universal clamping adapter head for Speedy GFS
Art. No.67761

Speedy H

For stepless mounting of Betoplan, Doka or wood. The siderail can be set straight, at right angles or at an angle of 135°.

Speedy H
Art. No.03118
H (in)Up to 16
L (in)8 3/4

Speedy GF

For stepless, right-angled mounting of fiberglass upstands, siderail board, demolding and demolding elements ASE.

Speedy GF
Art. No.02858
H (in)Up to 16''
L (in)8 3/4

Lifting tool for Speedy

Lifting tool Speedy
Art. No.02860
ForSpeedy H, Speedy GF, Speedy GFS

UAR adapter

The all-rounder for upstands and special elements as a supplement for all RATEC siderail systems. The adapter is flexibly adjustable in height and can be used for the attachment of steel, wood and various other things.

UAR Adapter
Art. No.On request

Double wall adapter

For holding down pre-cut shims when turning for double-wall production. Clamping range from 2.36 – 3.34", with milled insert plate starting at 2.17".

Double wall adapter
Art. No.61953
H approx. (in)4 3/8
L approx. (in)12
Permissible retaining force element approx. (lbs)550
Placement approx.1 Adapter per 3 running feet
Retaining force (lbs)4620
W approx. (in)12

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