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Upcrete technology for production of facade elements of Expo Pavillion


For the Expo 2015 world exhibition in Milan, the Italian pavilion was designed with a prectacular and impressive facade.

One section of the façade elements for the Italian Expo pavilion was produced vertically in battery formwork using the Upcrete procedure in order to be able to implement the
particularly filigree “twigs” in the façade. To make the element geometry, the customer’s polyurethane moulds were clamped into the battery, which was then filled from below with the concrete mixture by means of an Upcrete peristaltic pump. Filling the formwork from beneath forces the air out of the top, optimum distribution is guaranteed inside the formwork and air entrainment prevented. What sounds simple has, in fact, been the subject of continuing development since 2006 to achieve a perfect interaction between pressure resistant formwork and pump process configuration. The procedure permits elements to be produced with highly complex geometry that could not be made at all, or only in poor quality, with conventional
procedures (for example, horizontal production). Upcrete offers completely new – hitherto unimagined – possibilities for prefabricating concrete elements, thus providing creative stimulus for those who will plan and shape the building structures of the future.

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