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Press release: Follow up order for precast plant in Peru


Reymann Technik wins major planning order for precast plant in Peru

RATEC will deliver key equipment components

The RATEC/Reymann Group will plan precast production of the new residential construction project “Los Altos de Castilla” in Piura, northern Peru for residential project developer Llaxta and will also develop and produce the formwork for the room modules that will be manufactured there.

For production of the room modules with a length of 7.15 meters, a width of 3.50 meters and a clearance height of 2.60 meters, two modular moulds in the relevant sizes will be developed and manufactured in Hockenheim, furthermore a UPP100 concrete pump to fill the formwork from below using the upcrete® method. The method is one of RATEC’s own developments and offers the highest levels of quality for concrete surfaces.

There is strong demand in Peru for adequate residential facilities for a growing middle class. In the course of the “Los Altos de Castilla” residential construction project in Piura located about 1,000 kilometres north of Lima close to the border with Ecuador, houses with a living area of 25 to 30 square meters will be built on lots that are up to 70 square meters. The purchase of the land and houses is subsidized by the state and will be supported with allowances of up to 80 percent. In a second project phase, house types with a living space of 35 square meters will be built from one and a half modules. Both of the new modular moulds are already constructed in such a way that the required half-module can be produced with their help. The plant is scheduled to go into operation in 2020. Sale of the land and houses are already underway and a three-digit number of houses has already been sold.

RATEC/Reymann Technik had already planned a precast plant for the same project developer in 2012 and equipped it with three room module systems, additional large formwork and two APP 100 concrete pumps. As part of the project in Ica, about 300 kilometres south of Lima, 3,600 homes, each with a living area of 70 square meters on two levels were built over a surface area of one million square meters. “We are very pleased that our customer has once again decided in favour of quality “Made in Germany”. Our equipment ensures that the customer can produce at the very highest of standards – and with the utmost in efficiency”, says Jörg Reymann, Managing Director of RATEC GmbH and Reymann Technik GmbH.





A similar house model from the predecessor project in Ica


One of the typical houses in Ica with its own backyard

Las Piedras de Buena Vista residential area in Ica: A similar settlement will now be built near Piura.

A completed room module for the project in Ica is lifted out of the formwork.

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