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Putting our ideas into practice we focus on reliability, durability and economy of our products and deliver outstanding craftsmanship to produce our high quality precast concrete elements.

We have also raised the standards though introducing extremely powerful precision magnets to position and fix the formwork. We offer cutting edge technology which delivers the greatest possible flexibility within our variety of modular systems and magnets, with or without activation mechanisms, plus adaptor solutions, fine-tuned detail solutions for recesses, anchorages and spacers, plus formwork systems for individual applications. We execute special individual solutions extremely economically and rapidly.

Our products and services in detail are:

  • Formwork magnets
  • Formwork systems
  • Adapters
  • Insertion magnets
  • Integrated parts
  • Special formwork construction
  • Battery formwork
  • Concrete pump

While researching and developing new efficient product solutions we invest in a wide ranging study of existing and new resources as well as consulting a valuable range of expertise. Our goal is to constantly improve and rationalize the products that we offer to suit our clients as a whole as well as providing the perfect set up for very specific inquires. This has facilitated innovations such as the switchable magnets, the integration of magnets into the formwork system and significant improvements in the magnets’ weight–power ratio through our scientific knowledge of the materials with which we work daily.

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